The 20 best conversation starters for a first date

When you are here, I believe that you have decided to find ways to choose women. I will tell you immediately, the fastest way to learn is to live with those who successfully attract women.

Suppose none of these friends is close to you. Let's go to another quick method to learn.

Master the concepts that help you to choose women
There are some concepts that you need to become a master to successfully connect a woman. First of all, I really do not like the word because it keeps the boy in a position where the woman follows. Now, this can often be true, but ideally, you are not in the shape of a boy chasing after women. For reference, we have an article about how to search for a girl.

There is a proper approach
If you think of a two-way selection process, this is a proper approach. You'll talk to it, whether you want to know more or not. Likewise, she will evaluate whether she wants to know more about you or not. When you buy a car, you have to ask questions before making a final decision.

Pick Women

If you choose an option (ask for a number, kiss it, etc.), it will appear natural and logical. The problem of most people is that they make an attractive woman in a moment right, she wants to sleep with her, and does not talk about doing anything but putting her in bed

From a woman's perspective, a random boy comes to you and you know he will say something to please you, and you can do anything to ask him. For some reason, he has the full power of an immediate person who throws himself.

Do not throw yourself.

Rather, ask your interesting questions, which she does not listen every day, whenever she gives a wrong answer (by its standards), she harasses her and try to see her fit with her own wife. She can not even recognize her, but she does the same!

So let's break it in simple steps.
1) Describe what you want in a woman (preparation).
2) Ask feminist attitude, interesting / entertaining / entertaining something
3) In relation to step 1, talk about issues where you can learn more about yourself and yourself.

For example, if you understand in step 1 that you want a brave girl in your life, then in Step 3 you can mention a story in which you were brave, how it responds is a common conversation! If you supplement a smooth conversation with a smile, taging, and light touch (cinema), then it will get confused. References: How to make each conversation a memorable one

In short, the best way to find out how to choose women is to meet those who are already good. If you do not have that luxury, it is best to study alone. David D. has written the best book recommending women's choice.

It is one of the gurus on the subject and is probably the best starting point for a person who really wants to learn to choose women.


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